Get the highest wage you can when you start.

american logistics company reviews

The biggest issue is they pay at least 4-5 dollars an hour less than they should to start. The pay isn’t the greatest starting out, but if you are an honest person and work hard, there IS advancement here. This company is great other than personal issues with policies and pay if you aren’t able to keep a good attendance due to medical issues. Overall the people who are on my team specifically are amazing and will have your back if you need help. On behalf of Ryder and our mutual customers, we sincerely appreciate the outstanding effort put forth by your company in 2000. We will strive to create additional “win-win” opportunities in 2001 to grow the business partnership between our two companies. Get the highest wage you can when you start.

american logistics company reviews

That way, uss express review I don’t have to go looking for another moving company. They already know my inventory and what’s going on. The company makes remote working fun, they’ve had weekly contests, and sent out monthly updates within the company. They offer way for employees to interact and keep positive encouragement!

Great Employer

I STARTED AT A LOW WAGE AND WORKED MY WAY UP. Then they started hiring people at the wage that I had worked to get to for 2 years. SEEMS UNGAIR. I trained many many people over the years I worked there. FOR THEM TO MOVE UP. I would be asked for opinion of new employees. I DO NOT MIND HELPING IN ANY AND ALL ASPECTS OF ANY COMPANY AND LIKE SEEING MY COMPANY GROW BUT COMPENSATE PEOPLE YOU VALUE. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if American Logistics Group is right for you. Claim your Free Employer Profile to start telling your employer brand story to reach top talent.

The pay is terrible, they keep promising bonuses and raises but it seems to all be just talk. Find out more about salaries and benefits at American Logistics .

The company keeps growing, and don’t seem to have consistency at anything else. You must be highly productive and must be self motivated. The job requires you to be proactive and good at being able to manage multiple tasks across the board. A good place to work and learn, very friendly people all around . Good if you’re able to sit in one spot for a long period and are good with communications through the phone .

  • The pay is terrible, they keep promising bonuses and raises but it seems to all be just talk.
  • You won’t be able to move up.the hours are very flexible.
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  • The management is ridiculously bad.
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Middle management was ok, but upper management was a joke. Had a vehicle accident on the job & was fired while on worker’s comp. Wasn’t given a reason for the termination. It is a team environment where everyone cares for one another. The job is easy, the calls can be a bit annoying at times when dealing with the elderly. A lot of them are rude and try to blame it on their age.

american logistics company reviews

This place served as a good stepping stone for me in life. Cost me $450 more then I was quoted. Feel sad for the guy thathe has to deceive to make a living. Great job to work while in school. This company does not believe in raises at all. Depending on where you get placed you could land the easiest job with great pay or never have a life again.

So if you want to get yelled and screamed at and work hour days this is the place for you. Price quote more than doubled AFTER they loaded everything onto the truck. Initial estimate was that move would take two weeks. AFTER A MONTH, was uss express reviews uss express review finally told that shipment would be coming the following week. Just commencing the process of seeking compensation for all of this. On top of all the delivery issues, the customer service and communication is terrible.

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Our platform enables your brand to extend the customer experience you work so hard on. 50% of employees would recommend working at American National Logistics to a friend and 57% have a positive outlook for the business. Hard to deliver a quality service with many issues with both providers and UBER drivers. Little to no and/or sporadic training.

American Logistics Ca Reviews

Because that is all you ever will make with the life of the company. This place does recognize work/life balance for those who earn it. If you are a lazy person with no integrity, you won’t advance very quickly here. The culture between management and the laborers is surprisingly really good relative to other blue collar environments I’ve worked at. I don’t have any major complaints.

Always talking to people like prisoners. When I first started there it was an amazing place. THEN it turned in ro a horrible place to work. IT became a very unfair place to work.

Working from home is boring, moving up in the company is not easy. Culture is great and and management does hear you out if there’s a problem. The supervisors are incredible, they are always there to help and answer questions. A program that benefits the uss express reviews consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business. Our approach to transportation management enables us to evolve with the changing landscape. It’s a good place to work for a long period of time.

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